World FSHD Day, Tuesday, June 20th #WorldFSHDday

World FSHD Day, Tuesday, June 20th #WorldFSHDday

No, not a bird… however I have some amazing bird pictures from the weekend that I will post very soon.

For now, I want to join with others in raising awareness of FSH Muscular Dystrophy on #WorldFSHDday

To learn more about FSH Muscular Dystrophy, as well as why I am holding an orange slice, please visit

And above all else, please practice random acts of smiling on Tuesday, June 20th. Goodness knows our world needs these reminders of kindness and connection. 

Most individuals with FSHD lose the ability to smile… including me. So on Tuesday, June 20th, please offer an extra smile to a stranger on my behalf…

With kindness and blessings,
Deb xoxo


Feeling very blessed to have this wonderful, supportive family…


and even more love and support from a special aunt… I’m feeling so loved and blessed xoxo


9 thoughts on “World FSHD Day, Tuesday, June 20th #WorldFSHDday

  1. i promise to smile more mindfully than ever today. i promise and promise. i will never take a smile for granted. i am so grateful you’ve slipped into my life. a gentle blessed presence. a day devoted to random kindness. it’s all yours. with honor. and blessing. xoxox

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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 You might not realize how much your encouragement and blessing has supported me, as I’ve learned to share my thoughts and pictures out into the unknown… Hugs and smiles to you…


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