Oh, the places I’ll go!

Oh, the places I’ll go!

Borrowing a few words from Dr. Seuss (with a few edits)…


Today is the day.
I’m off to Great Places!
I’m off and away!

I can steer myself
any direction I choose…

On Monday of this week I became the grateful owner of a minivan. With apologies to anyone reading who loves driving a minivan (I know you’re out there… I’ve spoken with a few of you) – I came to these wheels reluctantly. I considered all alternatives, and eventually accepted a minivan was the solution that would offer independence and a greater ability to get out and about.


The line “Oh, the places you’ll go” had been repeating in my head, and now “oh, the places I’m going” is my new reality 🙂

Thinking a bit of positive reinforcement might help my transition to a minivan, I drove straight from picking up the van to Pinecliff Park in Frederick. This Solitary Sandpiper (a new bird, #136 of the year) greeted me in the parking lot. A lovely gift from the universe.

And as I zipped around the park on my scooter (amazed at what I was suddenly doing without embarrassment when the rewards – independence and birds – were great enough), I discovered two additional new birds of the year:

a Gray-cheeked Thrush (an uncommon bird to spot)

as well as a Black-throated Blue Warbler (you’ll have to look this one up, as my pictures didn’t turn out well).

This van (a Honda Odyssey with a BraunAbility power fold-out ramp, that really is quite lovely) is already offering the independence and mobility I hoped for. I can now pick up and go at any time, without having to evaluate how much walking I’m up for, and without needing to ask others to load and unload the scooter. I’m feeling very blessed to be in a position where these mobility options are available to me. I’m deeply grateful for the encouragement and support from my parents that made this option a reality. I’m also grateful to have discovered a wonderful local mobility services company – the team at Total Mobility Services in Frederick (http://www.tmservices.com/locations/frederick) was great to work with… thanks Anne, Blaine, Dana, and Nancy 🙂

And the blessings continued with even more new birds…

During an early morning walk at the Fred Archibald Audubon Sanctuary in New Market, MD I spotted this handsome Scarlet Tanager



and during the Global Big Day on May 13th, I was able to see 57 bird species within Frederick County, including several Eastern Kingbirds (sorry about the lack of focus in the picture)



an Indigo BuntingDSCN7905

as well as a another less common bird, a Swainson’s Thrush





6 thoughts on “Oh, the places I’ll go!

  1. i just cried happy tears! i love the picture that popped in my mind of you zipping about, with your binoculars and your wheels!!! and what a joy that a scarlet tanager AND indigo bunting (among the fine flocks) flitted into your lens! bless you!


  2. Dear Deb,

    I love how puffed-up the chests of the birds always seem, almost as if they are posing with such pride for you. And I do love your minivan! Just ask my husband and kids, I always want to rent one when we travel, I have minivan envy! I am so glad you got it. Did you give her a name? 🙂

    I did get your first email months ago, but I somehow missed the sign up link! My mum asked if I’d seen your latest and I said, what?! Well now I have read them all tonight. I can’t get over how very many birds you have in your own yard! Your pictures are incredible. What are you using for a camera? Just stunning. I think the indigo one is my favorite so far. And the vulture poem gives my heart pause, I can’t put it into words. I’ve heard of or seen a few of the birds, but most of them are new to me. I am definitely a newbie here, learning what is surely in my DNA.

    Much love to you,


    1. Thank you Chelle. Our conversation about minivans was so helpful. Your enthusiasm was contagious 🙂 My new girl does need a name… I almost added a line in the blog asking for suggestions. Any ideas? Sandy (after the Sandpiper)?

      My camera is fairly basic. A Nikon P900 – it falls into the category of ‘bridge’ or superzoom camera. Basically a point and shoot with a great zoom 🙂

      And yes, an appreciation for birds is definitely in our DNA.

      Much love,


  3. Deb,

    I have so enjoyed your posts!! Gave me the inspiration to look closely for birds on my weekend walks. Sunday morning, at the Whittier lake I saw a mother, father and their baby goslings:)



  4. Thanks so much Anne. I am truly grateful for all you did to help me find my way to this van… And I’m thrilled to hear you are looking for birds. Isn’t it so precious to see a family with little ones? 🙂


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