Easter surprises and the joys of regular visitors…

Easter surprises and the joys of regular visitors…

The first hummingbird returned last Thursday. What a wonderful surprise! No signs yet of a female.


And although the picture below doesn’t look like much, it is of my Solomon’s Seal – what I’ve come to consider an Easter gift. It is one of the few plants remaining from my herb gardens that, despite being (unintentionally) dug up and cut down several times, is a resilient plant that continues to thrive against all odds. Each Spring I hold out hope for this Solomon’s Seal. Where no parts of the plant were visible early last week, there were eleven healthy stems on Holy Thursday.


All of my birding the last week and a half has been at Saving Grace. Although the hummingbird has been the only bird added to the 2017 list, I have so enjoyed the regular visitors.

This Brown Thrasher decided to come out from the brush long enough to for several great views and a few good pictures. Look at those eyes! and that bill!!


And two more regulars allowed me to enjoy their company on a lovely Spring day…




Deb xoxo

3 thoughts on “Easter surprises and the joys of regular visitors…

  1. Thank you Deb, for inspiring me and bringing more joy in my life. I bet there’s some Solomon’s seal in my woods. I’ll have to take a walk. I talk to the Hawks as they fly overhead, I’ll have to try to get some pictures. The birds I’m most involved with right now are my chicks….finally got them out of the bathtub!

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