Fox Sparrows…

Fox Sparrows…

Thanks so much for following! I hadn’t planned on such a long delay after my initial post, however life threw us a few curves (ice, snow, flu,…). Sometime soon I’ll go back and catch up on January, February, and the beginning of March (the birds were great!). For now, I’ll share just a few recent pictures of the Fox Sparrows who have been visiting our property the last two weeks, along with the peaceful little White-throated Sparrow staying out of the fray (and wondering when the Fox Sparrows will leave…). The Fox Sparrow is a new bird species for me, species #108 of 2017, and they’ve been great fun to watch.

Note: if you double click on the pictures below, they should display a bit larger.


Happy birding, and with much love,


5 thoughts on “Fox Sparrows…

  1. beautiful photos! so delicate. so beautiful. i too was netted by a flock of nasty winter germs, so i wholly understand being grounded, and your lovely feathered friends just infused my soul with healing…..thank you.


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